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The index allows users to search for holdings in select records of the UW Oshkosh Archives and ARC. The index does NOT contain images of the records themselves. Instead, records can be ordered from the index to be reproduced and delivered for a research fee. Users are also welcome to VISIT the archives to view these cases at no charge. Hours vary depending on the time of year.
Court Records

This index contains select Circuit, County, Family and Probate Court records dating between the 1840s and 1970s held at the UW Oshkosh Archives and Area Research Center. The cases are mostly CIVIL in nature and thus contain issues like divorce, estates, damages, nonpayments of debts and other civil litigation.  There are some criminal cases but only those cases that were sent to the civil court for trial. 

Naturalization Records
This index contains naturalization records dating between the 1840s and 1970s held at the UW Oshkosh Archives and Area Research Center. Naturalization is the process of becoming a U.S. citizen. Prior to 1906 and even well into the 20th century, the naturalization process was often conducted within county or local courts.
Records Information

Currently this index includes entries from only SOME of the court record series preserved at the UW Oshkosh Archives and Area Research Center. Not all of our collections been electronically indexed, yet. Please contact the archives at 920-424-0828 or for information on other records held here. Index includes entries for the following collections:

  • Dodge Series 36: Dodge County naturalization records, 1844-1954
  • Dodge Series 37: Dodge County criminal court records, 1863-1883 (these are court records volumes, not case files)
  • Dodge Series 47: Dodge County divorce case files 1923-1954
  • Dodge Series 48: Dodge County divorce case files, 1917-1948
  • Green Lake Series 32: Green Lake County naturalization records, 1858-1949
  • Fond du Lac Series 36: Fond du Lac County naturalization records, 1844-1973
  • Fond du Lac Series 39: Fond du Lac County probate case files, 1848-1899
  • Fond du Lac Series 53: Fond du Lac County civil case files, 1964-1976
  • Fond du Lac Series 55: Fond du Lac County civil case files, 1968-1976
  • Marquette Series 15: Marquette County naturalization records, 1848-1949
  • Marquette Series 16: Marquette County probate case files, circa 1860-1935
  • Marquette Series 17: Marquette County Circuit Court family case files, circa 1840-1978
  • Marquette Series 21: Marquette County guardianship case files, circa 1840-1975
  • Marquette Series 22: Certificates of heirship and terminations of joint tenancy, 1896-1937
  • Marquette Series 24: Marquette County Circuit Court case files, 1858-1966
  • Winnebago Series 4: Winnebago County probate case files, 1838-1870
  • Winnebago Series 108: Winnebago County Circuit Court case files, 1848-1935, 1972-1977
  • Winnebago Series 110: Winnebago County naturalization records, 1844-1963
  • Winnebago Series 129: Winnebago County County Court case files, 1909-1977
  • Winnebago Series 146: Winnebago County Family Court case files, 1972-1977
  • Winnebago Series 149: Oshkosh Municipal naturalization records, 1895-1906