Interview with Kelsey Hartman, 11/27/2016

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JM: I'm Jessica Myklebust here interviewing Kelsey Hartman, who is an alumni from UW-Oshkosh. So Kelsey, where did you grow up?

KH: I grew up in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, a small tourist town about an hour and a half away from Oshkosh.

JM: What was your community like?

KH: The community is very tight-knit community being a very business oriented town especially because of the summers and the way that we bring multiple tourists to the town. The community has to be very close together so we can work, I guess, as a community to grow the town and the businesses that everyone 1:00here works for or potentially owns. Those things bring the community very close together as well as the high school and the community sports that the town loves to be a part of.

JM: So then did people you grew up with typically go to school, like college?

KH: Yes, a lot of people I grew up with or in the community after school did go to college where they would in four to six years graduate with a multiple different number of degrees. A lot of the community went to the local division three UW schools or potentially even UW-Madison, some small private schools but 2:00a lot of people stayed within a three hour radius of our community.

JM: So then where was your family from?

KH: My father is from Wisconsin Dells born and raised on a local farm where his family still lives today and my mother is from the Milwaukee/Beloit/Racine area. She was visiting the Dells and one summer decided to work in the Dells and ended up meeting my dad where they then dated and she moved to the Dells where they got married.

JM: And what type of work did your parents do?

KH: My dad is an engineer more along the lines of a plastic engineer, plastic is 3:00what he works a lot with and my mom is a teacher not in the Dells community but in a small city about fifteen miles from the Dells called Portage. She's been a teacher there ever since she's married my dad and hopes to retire actually this year.

JM: What values or lessons did you grow up having?

KH: Learned to be a hard worker growing in the Dells, in the summers especially all people really did was work Monday through Sunday. A lot of the times open to close so grew up learning how valuable it was to work and then cherish the time 4:00you do have with your family and friends when you're not working. To be very polite, get your work done and get involved in the community through church, school and our jobs.

JM: So what was it like growing up in your household?

KH: Growing up in my household was great kind of crazy, as we have, there's five daughters in my family me being the oldest. Lots of, the house was always busy never a dull moment whether it was working on homework, family traditions, cooking, grocery shopping. So many different things going on in our house at one 5:00time essentially and we're very close to each other, we all helped each other through homework and extracurricular activities. Whether it was teaching or going to different games and supporting each other, we always supported each other but it was very busy, I wouldn't say chaotic but just very busy household.

JM: Did you like growing up with that many siblings?

KH: Yes, I loved it and I wouldn't have it any other way, I guess I don't know it any other way but yes I liked it and I do enjoy being the oldest. Helping my sisters out, being the one that they come to questions and opinions sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming but I really enjoy it. I live supporting them 6:00in any way I possibly can.

JM: Can you tell me a little about your siblings?

KH: So I have four siblings, I myself am 26 years old. My sister Tess is 24 years old, she graduated from the Dells high school and went to Lakeland College where she played volleyball and was a very active part of her college community through different programs. Such as the athletic program in the school, education. She then graduated in four years and proceeded to, I guess after 7:00graduation got an internship with the PGA Tour or the PGA Championship and that was being held in Sheboygan at Whistling Straits. From there she actually continued to work for the PGA and now works and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina as she's preparing for the 2017 PGA Championship and after then she will hopefully move back to Wisconsin. Work one more golf event the, Ryder Cup, that will be held at Whistling Straits in 2020 and then from there probably her and her fiance will become permanent residents of Wisconsin. That's basically 8:00what they are still has they are only living in Wisconsin for two years. My sister Jessica, who is interviewing me as you may know, goes to Oshkosh. She has well attended Wisconsin Dells High School, graduated and decided to take her studies to Oshkosh. As she is still in college she is living at home in the summer here and on holidays visiting back home and then pursuing her education at Oshkosh, and from there she will hopefully graduate in four years and find herself a job she loves. And then there are the twins who are sixteen years old, they are sophomores in college, or I mean high school sorry, sophomores in high 9:00school. Quite tall, they are about 6"2', they enjoy being tall I think at least. They are loving high school and all the activities that it brings and are continuing to learn more and more as their high school career goes on. And they both too hope to go to college and potentially play a sport, we will see, they both love basketball, volleyball and softball. So we will see how the next three years of high school plays out for them.

JM: And, how important was school to your family?

KH: School is very important to the family, whether it is high school or college. Of furthering our education and helping us get jobs for the future, for 10:00our future families and for ourselves is very important. Our parents always strived to work as hard as we could in school, do the best we can. Doesn't have to be perfect grades but whether it's great grades or working with teachers on things we don't quite understand, school was very important and it was something we always put first but did enjoy the other parts of school with all the activities we could be involved in.

JM: And what were your goals as a young person?

KH: As a young adult, I guess younger, well younger person in high school I 11:00hoped to just do as best as I could and get into a college and then from there I hoped to pursue a degree in something I was passionate about and successfully graduate from that degree. Someday get married, start a family and find a job that I really enjoy and potentially someday become an entrepreneur and opening some sort of business.

JM: So what interested you about college?

KH: I think the idea of how much more there was to learn out there about specific studies and specific degrees. Meeting new people, all of the new and 12:00additional activities that came from college whether it was in different clubs, playing a sport in college through the college, or club, or intramurals. Just the idea of how much more there was out there for us to learn and new people for us to get to know. All those different things would help you, or help me grow up into a, hopefully brighter and better person.

JM: And where did you consider going?

KH: As I was preparing for college I knew I wanted to go to college for potential business degree and/or athletic training so it was very important that 13:00the school that I was looking at had both those things. Then on top of all that I was looking and very interested in playing a sport for the college whether it was basketball or volleyball. So I did look into, as I was looking into colleges I put that into a factor as well looking to see if I was interested in being a part of those athletic programs or if those athletic programs were interested in recruiting me. So as I was looking into college I looked at a couple of the private schools in Wisconsin and three or four of the division three UW schools. I found that Oshkosh had both of these programs that I was interested in and both of them seemed to have very high reviews. And then when I toured the campus 14:00I met with their basketball coach and was found that they were interested in the skills and my--.I guess my skills and interested in recruiting me so I did further evaluation of the programs as I know the programs I was interested in are basically kind of completely different but I wasn't quite sure yet which one really suited me. I ended up choosing Oshkosh because of both those programs and the basketball ability that I had to play--or the ability that I had to play basketball there and the program was interested in me. The other thing was Oshkosh was a place that wasn't common for people in our community to go and I really was interested in that. I mean not only because--I just didn't want to go 15:00where everyone went because everyone went there, I really wanted to meet new people and Oshkosh gave me that opportunity as I went to school I truly knew no one besides the people I had met on my recruiting trip with the basketball team.

JM: And what was your first impression of UW-Oshkosh?

KH: UW-Oshkosh I loved, the place of it and the idea of how it was all pretty close knit not a really far walk from one building to another. The campus is in a great spot in the city--knew that in the future there was possibly some expansions coming to some of the different programs and new buildings. New places for the students to go and great atmosphere for learning. Loved the 16:00different restaurants for the kids on campus and the athletic halls--or the athletic events--like the athletic places were really great I really liked all of it. The different dorm options were great for upcoming freshman and everyone in school, I just was really excited about the opportunities that Oshkosh brought.

JM: What do you remember about your first few weeks at Oshkosh?

KH: I don't know if I remember much (laughs), only because it was so long ago. I do say I remember moving into my dorm, meeting my roommate, she was another basketball player on the team. I remember us going to Kolf for freshman 17:00orientation, meeting more students there and learning what they would teach us in freshman orientation. From there I was just really excited to get classes started, I don't even remember my first classes. I remember eating at Blackhawk a lot and--just was really excited to get started so I guess the only thing I really remember was freshman orientation and getting classes started. Getting our offseason of basketball started as a team--we met as a team, talked about the classes we were in and then just started our offseason program with the strength and conditioning coach at the athletic center.

JM: So then do you remember what your classes were like?


KH: I do remember what they were like, as a freshman most of the classes I was in were bigger--bigger classes in the, more of the tutorial type rooms. I remember always wanting to be there early, getting a good seat in class to take notes, have all the syllabuses ready. I know that I--as much as--as much as I was excited for school the first couple classes and weeks I was really excited to get more into specific….specific classes for either of the majors I was interested in. I did have an athletic training class where we, was like a 19:00pre-athletic training class where we were talking about the program and would start learning simple different ways to wrap and just very important things like that. And from there is where I realized that athletic training was the route that I did not want to go and I pretty quickly decided that I wanted to be a business major and be a part of the business program. So I, after that I was very excited to start potentially some pre-business classes the next semester.

JM: And what do you remember about this field?

KH: I remember that initially, or initially remember reading and hearing from others that the business program at Oshkosh was a great one. Certain class that 20:00people may have not liked more than the others, but I was excited just to dive into the more specific classes so I could learn more about which specific like major I wanted to choose in business. Whether it was accounting, finance, marketing, business operations, that type of stuff. I remember all of the professors being very friendly, willing to work with you if you had any questions and meet in their office at different hours whether it was during their office hour time or set up something if their office hours didn't work. And I was very excited about the new business building that they were in the process of hopefully getting signed off on and getting ready to break ground on. 21:00That business building was built and completed going into my senior year so I got to have most of the remaining of my business classes in the new building on campus.

JM: And what did your major end up being?

KH: I ended up majoring in Marketing with an emphasis in Web Presence Management meaning just learning more about like some of the social media and web development, other things such as graphic design. It was just a nice emphasis to have with the marketing as there's so many different things to do in marketing it was nice to have a minor class, or couple classes that you could take to help 22:00with learning those skills. As some of those skills do come as you work in the work field, but it was great to have that. I really enjoyed the marketing program and the capstone class we had to take at the end of it. We had to basically build a business we worked with real life vendors, NASA and a wildlife company, where we took specific products that they had and developed a actual--a product out of it and had to create a complete business plan out of it from start to finish. It was a really fun product that just got you to experience real life, everyday business operations basically.


JM: Were there any professors you remember in particular?

KH: I would say I remember quite a few of my professors, I don't know if I can remember all of their names. I do remember what they look like and working with them quite a bit. The professor that I remember the most would probably be Melissa Bublitz, I had her for a couple different classes. She taught me a stats--she was my teacher in a stats class and then also became my teacher in an advertising type of class. Later on--after maybe it was my, in my junior year of college I had her again in that advertising class. I really enjoyed her as well 24:00as the essential marketing teacher, I cannot recall his name off the top off my head but I have talked with them both as I was initially looking at potentially going back to school for my masters. I haven't done that yet but they have both suggested and offered to write me letter of recommendation when and if I do decide to do that.

JM: And what would you go to school for a master's in?

KH: I would look at going to school for a master's in--human--or health--well I guess I could a couple things whether it was like a communications type of master's, or a public health master's or public administration. As of right now 25:00I work in the health marketing field and love it and excited to continue to work in it, but a master's in one of those three things could help me in the future.

JM: Right. So then, what were your dorms like?

KH: When I went to college at Oshkosh there were--there's obviously many dorms and there's your freshman dorms but being on the basketball team we needed to be around and on campus when multiple of the freshman dorms were closed for like the Christmas or the holiday. And since basketball, a lot of our season happens over Christmas break I needed to be in my dorm. So my roommate and I were able to get into Taylor Hall, it was the second year Taylor was open it was--or is a 26:00very great hall, new, clean, very nice, very close to the Kolf sports center and the facility that we would go workout in with our strength and conditioning coach. Pretty good area for many of the buildings for classes so I thoroughly enjoyed it. As a sophomore I as well stayed in Taylor Hall and after that I got an apartment off campus so I only had real experience in one of the dorms and it was one of the newer dorms so the experience was great. Met some great people in the dorms and I actually lived by myself my sophomore year by choice, only 27:00because with the basketball season it was nice to have a little bit of alone time when I was done with practice and home from a game or before a game. I also did a lot of my studying in my room besides the library, I just found the library more distracting to me unless I was working with a group of people on a project or study type of tables. So I found studying in my room easier for me, another reason why I chose to have a single dorm room my sophomore year.

JM: And then you said you made friends. Did you make many of them?

KH: Yup, many friends. Many friends on our floor actually, and then going into our sophomore year even though I had a single hall, or single dorm room, all 28:00those friends--we still all stayed on the same floor. Got rooms by each other on Taylor Hall, it was nice to have a group of friends. I made obviously a lot of friends on the basketball team and in classes but it was also nice to have another group of friends that you could chat with and potentially even have classes with that weren't the girls you were with every single day.

JM: Right. What were some memories you have with your friends from college?

KH: A lot of memories would--sitting in our dorm rooms, walking to Blackhawk for lunch or dinner and different--the Reeve for dinner. Watching different TV shows 29:00at night, studying together--those would be a lot of the memories that I had in the dorm room and getting ready, like getting ready to out to nice dinners together or out every now and then. Other memories I had with all my basketball friends would obviously be the four years of playing in games, riding busses to different--the different UW schools in our conference and going on trips. We went to Arizona and a couple other places, just--we had a lot of girl time and it was fun because there's a lot to talk about.

JM: And have you stayed in touch with them?

KH: Yes, I have stayed in touch with almost every single girl on the basketball 30:00team that was within a couple years of me. The other girls that I weren't, that were like either quite younger than me or that I didn't get to play with as much, I still see them at alumni day back at Oshkosh and connect with them on different social media accounts, but there is a group of about 10 or 12 of us that like to get together a couple times of the year. Been going to each other's weddings and baby showers, we all definitely stay in touch quite a bit and it's great.

JM: So besides your friends, what were other students like at Oshkosh?

KH: The students were really great. Everyone was really excepting in classes and wanted to work together in projects and stuff like that, everyone was pretty 31:00nice on campus. I would stay that the overall campus and vibe was--I mean a great one and I'm very grateful for it. I would say that I had a very strict schedule everyday so I didn't have a lot of time to interact with people that I hadn't interacted with in classes or through the basketball program but everyone around the campus was very nice and grateful to be there.

JM: And what are some things you remember about the campus, like what was your campus life experience?

KH: Campus life experience was great as well, a lot of moving around from 32:00building to building, again like I said a little bit before, I had a very strict schedule because every single day on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's we had to be done with class by 12:40 or 12:30 for basketball practice. We could have class later but we had to schedule our classes around that and then on Tuesday's and Thursday's practice was at three. So every single day it was wake up, breakfast, go to class, go to practice, in the season and out of the season open gym and weight training. By the time practice was done it was time to either go to another class, get dinner, do homework or have a game. So my campus life was 33:00very….very uhh--what would I say--not strict but--it had a nice--what am I trying to say--I just liked how structured it was and my campus--like my campus life with the professors was really great. I would say that I loved it very much I wouldn't want it any other way.

JM: So you played basketball right?

KH: Yes, I played basketball.

JM: All four years?

KH: All four years. I was recruited to play, came in as a freshman, had a great experience, loved the girls and continued to enjoy it and the coaches, and the 34:00athletic training staff, and just the people I was meeting throughout the program.

JM: Can you tell me what it was like to play basketball?

KH: Playing basketball in college was definitely a whole lot more--was very intense, just how structured your day had to be but I really appreciated that and liked it. It helped me, I think, become a better student and better person. Practices were hard and touch but it was great to stay in shape and be a part of a program that--or I guess just be a part of a program with a college's name on 35:00your chest and….

JM: Was it difficult to have a social life while being on a sports team?

KH: I would say no, not at all because a lot of your social life would be with those girls that you played basketball with and people in your classes and the friends on your hall or that you would end up living with in an apartment or house but I would say not, I mean you definitely are a little bit--or you have a lot more like strict schedules. You could go out on certain nights and game days and weekends but I would say that it definitely wasn't hard to have one because you would choose--you chose to have one. If you wanted to have you would have 36:00one and you would just have to do it in a different little--in a little bit of a different way.

JM: So what were some things you did off campus then?

KH: Off campus by myself and with friends we would just go to different restaurants, out to dinner, go to different bars for night activity. When we were home and didn't have games--grocery shopping, your normal things like that, go to different sporting events as well as go back home or visit friends when we had the ability to and a break from our campus life and basketball.


JM: What do you remember the bars being like?

KH: The bars were always pretty busy especially on the weekends, they were fun but busy. I would say my favorite probably was Kelly's just cause it was close and you could go there and it was a little bit more one of the calmer spots at night, not one of the, I wouldn't say, not clubs, but music wasn't blaring really didn't have a DJ more of a jukebox type of feeling, pizzas if you were hunger, TV's, just a little bit more of a casual night life which I enjoyed.

JM: And your favorite restaurants, do you remember what those were?

KH: I really loved Erberts and Gerberts, I don't know if it's still there but it was a sub location that I had never really experienced before college just 38:00because we don't have any in the Dells where I grew up or around. Also enjoyed Buffalo Wild Wings, we went there a lot on Thursday nights, potentially after a game if we had a Thursday night game or Wednesday night. Those would probably be my two favorite, I know nothing major but really enjoyed those locations and two places that I definitely would go back to when I go visit Oshkosh.

JM: So besides basketball were you involved in any other activities like did you play intramurals at all or clubs?

KH: I never played intramurals, I guess I subbed a couple times on a volleyball 39:00team. It was just hard to play intramurals because you can only have two letter winning players on your team and the intramurals that I would want to play with would be with my basketball friends so only two of us could play on a team since we played and had letters, like athletic letters through the college. Subbed a couple times on some teams. I was part of like the marketing club and a couple other clubs through the business program but a lot of my time was spent studying and going to a couple of those other clubs and being a part of the athletic program.

JM: So you already talked a little about your social life. Did you have a 40:00relationship at all, social life?

KH: I had a boyfriend my whole college career, someone from back at home. We did not meet in high school but met out of school and we did continue our relationship all throughout college. He'd come visit, I would go home when I had the ability to and we'd just would make the long-distance relationship work throughout the college days.

JM: And while you were at Oshkosh do you remember any campus issues that were going on or anything like that?

KH: I would have to say I don't think we had any major campus issues while I was on campus, maybe a couple fights on weekends but nothing major that ever 41:00happened while I was on campus. I don't ever recall being put on any sort of lock-down for any sort of reason so that's great but otherwise no, no real campus issues while I was there.

JM: So overall what do you think you learned while you were at Oshkosh?

KH: I would say, besides like my college--my degree, I mean obviously I learned a lot there. I learned how important it is to make time for yourself and your friends as well as getting things done on time and having a schedule or a plan 42:00for yourself and whether it was your school work or extracurricular activities it was good to have a plan and make sure that you made time for yourself and got everything done and didn't stress yourself out through it all.

JM: And how did you feel when you finished college?

KH: I felt very excited and happy that I was just able to complete a college degree with an emphasis in four years while playing on the basketball team as that is something that takes up a lot of time. I was excited for the new opportunities ahead and was grateful for all the memories, friends I met, connections I made in the business program and through the different business 43:00networking events we had on campus and very excited for the next chapter and what it was going to bring?

JM: What did you want to do after graduating?

KH: After graduating I wanted to do something in the either sports marketing field or potentially health marketing field. As we all know the sports marketing field is very popular and hard to get into. I found myself initially getting a marketing coordinator, public relations type of coordinator job at a restaurant in my local community, a locally owned restaurant. They had a couple restaurants and a couple different business adventures that I became the marketing, I would 44:00say the director basically for and graphic person to some way, shape or form. It was just, it was a nice starting job to get experience from, it wasn't either healthcare or sports field but it was a nice start to get the experience and managing all of these different restaurants and business ventures marketing. Stayed there for about two years and since then I have taken a job in Madison, Wisconsin where I still, I still live in the Dells now. Took a job in Madison so a nice commute everyday but it's worth it, I work at a company called Health Grades where I started out as a marketing coordinator where we--Health Grades 45:00has a couple different--business sides of it and the side I work on is we work, manage, create, and execute marketing campaigns for hospitals all over the United States. So I was a marketing coordinator for that company where we would work with salespeople, strategic leads, art teams, graphic designers, copywriters, art directors, programmers to manage and coordinate these marketing campaigns that we would create for hospitals based off the needs that they needed and the different service lines that they would want to promote through our company. Since then I have now become a project manager, a little bit more 46:00detailed than a just a marketing coordinator. As a project manager we're now….a marketing coordinator you were a part of the process from start to finish but now we're becoming even further. Gonna be more part of the sales and the numbers of the programs and the campaigns, just be a little bit more involved in the results and--besides just the production of it, the reporting and everything else that has to deal with it. So I love my job and look forward to taking on some bigger clients and working through their 2017 healthcare marketing coming up soon.

JM: And how would you say Oshkosh prepared you for life after college?


KH: I would say that the--Oshkosh had prepared my greatly. Again, I would tie basketball back into that saying that the structured schedule that I had really helped me be able to, or it's helping me in general. Being able to coordinate many different things and work with multiple people, multitasking very well. As well as the business program, the life event--or the capstone class and project that we had to create was very lifelike. It's not something that I do every day 48:00but different aspects of it and the people that we have to work with and the problem solving has truly helped me become a better employee at my company.

JM: Have you had much involvement in UW-Oshkosh since you graduated?

KH: I haven't done anything with like the alumni association outside of….I do, I have visited Oshkosh a couple of times and for sure like every year one time of course for the alumni day through the basketball program where we head to campus, play in our basketball game with other alumni while the current team 49:00watches us and cheers us on. From there we have gone--went and showered, got ready, went to the alumni association and then later that afternoon to the basketball game, the women's basketball game that's scheduled for that day. Get introduced at halftime of the game and from there on we have a--after the game we have a dinner with all of the alumni and the coaching staff. So that would be my extent of being involved in the campus besides being involved in things like this that my sister is doing or visiting my sister on campus and other friends that are attending Oshkosh.

JM: And what are your thoughts about Oshkosh now?


KH: I think Oshkosh is continuing to grow into one of the better UW schools in the state. I've seen, and heard, and read many great things about new facilities coming, new opportunities for the students and I just think that the more they do this, the more they're able to do this the better it will be for them in the future as I'm sure they're obviously aware of that but I'm very happy with the way that the everyday life is going for the campus and the people in it.

JM: So throughout your four years at Oshkosh what would you say was your favorite part of it?

KH: I think my favorite part of it would be just all the different things that 51:00there is for the students to do on campus, different places for you to go whether it was to eat, to different sporting events, to different sporting events, to--to like campus life. There was a lot of that for the students and I think it helped, it just helps nurture like the students and really be able to learn from others and have a great life outside of the classroom.

JM: Was there anything you disliked about Oshkosh or your college experience?


KH: Not really, I know campuses can only have so much but I think it would be nice maybe to have a couple addition food choices on campus for the students that have meal programs and are in the dorms. I know they have Blackhawk and the food options at Reeve and a couple of the food options at some of the other dorms but I think that maybe some more food opportunity, grocery store type like potentially for the students would be nice. Not everyone can get to the grocery store or even potentially like the food that is on campus so maybe a little bit, some more options like that would be great. I know that the, or I've seen what 53:00they're working on like plans they're working on are great and will make the campus better but I do think that some sort of small on campus grocery store or addition food option would be nice.

JM: What advice would you give current students now?

KH: I would just make sure that the students are--like definitely continue to go to your classes, missing one every now and then is not a bad thing. If it's something major it's better to have a plan with your professor or make sure they know about it, but if you're sick and you can't make it they understand. Send them a note, if you don't need to send them a note make sure you get the notes that you missed from somebody else. Study as much as you can, make sure you're 54:00taking breaks in your studying. Enjoy the different activities that campus does have to offer because you're able to meet many people through there and able to meet people through your classes and the different activities that you could potentially play. Go to different sporting events, be a part of the campus life and through it all make sure you do have some time for yourself to watch that TV show that you do like to watch, or play the video games that you do like to play. Just make sure that you do make time for yourself and enjoy it because before you know it, it will be over and you'll be working Monday through Friday. It's a great thing but enjoy this, some of this free time that you do have as 55:00you have it. And make sure once you do graduate, you attend the ceremony and walk across the stage. It's the one time besides high school or potentially if you go for your master's that you'll be able to do this and experience it.

JM: What was it like experiencing that?

KH: It was nerve wracking actually at first, not really sure why. Just cause all your hard work is coming to an end, it was fun to get ready with my friends the day of graduation, go over to Kolf and get ready to walk across the stage in front of hundreds of people and all of the other students. Afterwards, celebrate with your family and a small dinner or luncheon. It was just a great--like cherry almost on top of the tree, or star on top of the tree to a long four, 56:00five, six year, however long it took you to finish. A great sign, additional sign to show one of your greatest accomplishments.

JM: And it took you four years right?

KH: Yup, I graduated in four years. Took between 18 and probably 21 credits most of the time. I did take interim, or winterim while I was in school just because I had to be there while being a part of the basketball program and I would suggest that as well to a lot of students only because with Oshkosh's break being so long you just don't want to get out of the swing of things unless you have something major planned with like family and it causes you to be not able 57:00to take the winterim. It's a great addition and some extra credits to your college career and helps maybe, you to be able to not take as many credits potentially one semester if you have some harder classes, I would definitely suggest taking the winterim. But yup, so with the winterim all four years and four years of college I was able to finish graduating in May.

JM: Of what year?

KH: 2012

JM: Was it difficult at all, taking that many credits while playing a sport?

KH: No, I mean every now and then it would be stressful with having a schedule you had to work about if you had to study or work on projects with groups but 58:00everyone is very understandable and appreciates what you're doing. Like being a part of the program for the school and--like being a face of part of the school's athletic teams. It wasn't hard, you just had to make sure that you spaced out your time and studied and worked on your homework wisely.

JM: Right. So then is there anything else you would like to say about your experience at Oshkosh, or advice?

KH: I don't think so, again I would just continue to stress go to your classes, if you have any questions ask your professors whether it's in the classroom, outside the classroom. They thoroughly enjoy students coming to them because that's their job, their job is to teach the students, help them understand things they don't understand, work with you on the things you don't understand 59:00and help you do understand it so you can be successful in their class. So ask those questions whether it's inside the classroom or outside the classroom, don't be scared to do it and they most definitely appreciate it better in person then just over email. They truly will remember you if you go into their classroom, or their office a couple times or talk to them after class, they will remember you and they appreciate it. On top of that, study, work with your groups as much as you can, go to the different on site or off site, the campus activities, networking nights. Do all those things because you will--they will be good for you, you will learn from them and meet great people that can help 60:00you in your future. On top of that, have fun, be safe and remember after you're done you're in the real world and there's work every day.

JM: Alright, well thank you for your time.

KH: You're welcome, thank you.

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