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Welcome to QuestionPoint Chat
Librarians from all over the United States are available whenever you need information -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our free service will connect you to an experienced librarian who has the knowledge and tools to find the information you need.

The librarian you'll chat with may be from another library, but they will be able to help you with resources at the UW Oshkosh library. They can also forward your question to the UW Oshkosh library as needed. If you need help from your local librarian right away, you might be best served to visit or call Polk Library directly; find Polk Library's phone number and address at the Ask a Librarian page.

How the service works.
Step 1: Submit your question using the form on the right side of this screen.
Step 2: Wait a little bit. A librarian will be with you shortly and will send you a message.
Step 3: Work with the librarian. The librarian will chat with you and send you web pages that they think will help answer your question.
Step 4: Use the information. After your session, a complete transcript will be displayed in your browser with all the links you visited with the librarian. If you provided your email address, the transcript will be emailed to you immediately.

Important Tips:
1. While you are in an Online Reference session, do not use the Refresh or Back buttons or your session will be disconnected.
2. Printing while in the session can also cause problems, so please wait until after the session to print anything.
3. If your question is about your library card or items at the UW Oshkosh library, you may get a faster response by contacting the UW Oshkosh library directly. See the Ask a Librarian page for the appropriate phone number and email address.