Interview with Mariah Haberman, 04/27/2017

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Nate Arquinego: I'm good how are you?

Mariah Haberman: I'm good thank you

NA: Um, so to get started then, I just had a few things to say before we I suppose get going.

MH: Okay

NA: So today's date is April fourth (number of month) the 27. It's about 1:33 P.M. I'm Nate Arquinego the Interviewer and I'm here today with could you please state your name.

MH: Mariah Haberman

NA: Thank you, and we are here today to conduct the oral history interview at the alumni center in Oshkosh over the phone for our campus stories project. And we have already discussed, and I actually received an email back for the deed of gift.

MH: Mum yup

NA: So, um basically I think that is everything we need to get out of the way and then we can pretty much get started here. Alright so here we go. First 00:01:00things first, where did you grow up?

MH: I grew up outside of Evansville Wisconsin in Rock county.

NA: What's that?

MH: Rock County

NA: Rock County. Where is Evansville, is that a small town?

MH: Yes it's a small town about 30 minutes south of Madison.

NA: Okay, okay I'm familiar with that area then a little bit. How many people would you say, what's the town like is it a farm town? Um, maybe is it like a little suburb of Madison or?

MH: It is a town of about 5000 people, it is pretty rural, pretty historic town.

NA: really

MH: Yes, I would say I grew up on a farm about 8 miles south of Evansville.

NA: Okay, so was your farm, did you guys have like animals and horses and all that kinda thing?

MH: We had sheep and dairy.

NA: Okay, I'm a little bit familiar with that myself because I grew up on a farm too.


MH: Nice!

NA: So, was it just one school then did you go to one school then?

MH: Um, I went to Footville Elementary for my kindergarten year, but I was in the Evansville school district from first grade until graduation.

NA: Okay, and I suppose then, starting with school, just as a very young age and grade school were you excited or was that something you weren't looking forward too?

MH: Oh no I loved school I was very excited, I wouldn't let my parents take me to my first day of kindergarten, I wanted to ride the school bus by myself.

NA: Really, okay!

MH: And, um very much embraced school.

NA: That's, that's exciting, did you have siblings that went before you, so they kinda told you about it, or was this totally knew for you and your parents?

MH: Umm, well I'm the oldest of 6

NA: six

MH: so no one went before me, but I did go to a head start program.

NA: Oh ya! Ya!

MH: When I was before kindergarten, and just loved being there, so I think I had 00:03:00a little bit of knowledge as to what school entailed exactly.

NA: Ya, a little prepared for it.

MH: ya!

NA: Okay, so when you were young were you involved in a lot of things, you know sports all that kinda thing, or other activities, like when I was young I did chess.

MH: Well, yes I was, I was in baseball at a really young age, my cousin and brother. I didn't really get heavily involved into sports until middle school and high school, and that would been softball, I was in basketball in middle school, I was involved in dance, student council, that sort of thing. So ya it was definitely a pretty basic kid I would say.

NA: Ya, okay that's good. So then, so as a as a kid growing up and and your town, what was it like what did you do a lot in Evansville? You know?

MH: I actually didn't get into town all that much, growing up on a farm, we 00:04:00actually were still 8 miles out so it was rare that I was actually in town besides for school, and I grew up on a farm it was just kinda bumming around the tow-- the farm itself four wheeling, snowmobiling in the winter, and just riding bikes around the country, and I had a lot of siblings so hanging around with them.

NA: Okay

MH: So, a pretty rural up bringing I would say.

NA: Okay, did you, were, did you friends live close to you then, or were they like ah you know kinda further away since it was pretty rural?

MH: They were definitely further away, I would go to their houses every once in a while, but we definitely did sleepover stuff, but I was, I was definitely wasn't with my friends as much as they were with one another, they were in town.

NA: Okay, ya

MH: It's a big family so I was with family a lot.

NA: Yes! And I totally understand that, there's a lot of creative things you can do on a farm.

MH: Definitely

NA: What was, what were you parents like, you know where they very strict with 00:05:00schooling, were they ah maybe strict in general, or did you have you know relaxed parents or somewhere in between?

MH: Hmmm (both laugh a little) Um well, they, we didn't have a lot of money growing up so they were I think because of that, I wouldn't say they were strict but they were kinda always focused on making sure…

NA: Yes

MH: We were being taken care of in some regard, but ah I was very independent and kind of prepared myself, they were kinda um sort of always kinda busy making sure they were running the farm okay, they were definitely not helicopter parents in any such any sense of the word

NA: Ya, okay

MH: Ya! So they made my upbringing interesting I would say both my, I was raised by my Mom and my Step Dad.

NA: Okay ya!

MH: I, I would see my dad every other weekend like a lot of other kids, they divorced when I was really young, so ya. I would spend like 80% of the time with my mom and 20% of the time if that with my dad I would say.


NA: okay ya.

MH: Kind of a traditional divorced family.

NA: Ya, everything you're saying so far ya know sounds a lot like my upbringing

MH: Really?

NA: Ha, ya I feel like I can relate pretty well right now.


NA: So, ah um, was the, was the whole town you know, I I mean outside of town you said but the town where you went to school was it was there anything it was known for you said that it was pretty historic and things like that so you know d--?

MH: Ya, it was known for its history, um they did a lot of historic walking tours downtown, with the architecture with the homes, so it was, definitely some nicer homes in town, um it was known for, seems a little boring but I think at one point it was the soy bean capital of Wisconsin, so a lot of soy bean farmers in the area. Um, but ya it was kind of just your, I wouldn't say it was um I mean it wasn't, I mean you traditional small town in Wisconsin I mean it was far 00:07:00enough away from Madison, where it wasn't like

NA: Mhmm ya

MH: cultural or urban, no I mean like the schools were good, just kind of your, very Americana

NA: Ya!

MH: town I would say

NA: okay ya, yup, Ah did that ah did that, how do I phrase this, did your parents you know instill any like core beliefs that maybe you kinda had or things that stuck with you, roots, as you've grown up your whole life?

MH: Ahh I wouldn't say my parents did, I would say my grandma definitely did, I actually spent a lot of my upbringing with her, in her care. My mom was an alcoholic when she was a teenager, and she had me when she was 17, so

NA: okay

MH: So she wasn't, wasn't, kind of a little bit hands off, and a little preoccupied with what she kinda had to deal with, and my stepdad was also an alcoholic, so I kinda learned a lot on my own I would say.


NA: yaaaa, you kinda in a sense kinda raised yourself

MH: In some ways yes, I mean she my mom was definitely around and provided me food,

NA: Ya!

MH: but i was kind of a very, very, I kind of learned to about life through watching other people if that makes sense.

NA: Yes! No that totally makes sense I totally understand exactly what you saying. So you were the first to go to school then since you were the oldest of 6, ah then you, I'm assuming obviously the rest of the kids went to school, um.

MH: Yup!

NA: I'm not tryna tryna to jump to far ahead but were you the first to go to college?

MH: Yes! Mhmm, yes I was

NA: Okay, then yup, yup I wanted to know that, but will jump back a little bit, did you have, growing up on the farm did you have chores, and routines, a lot of people have to get up at 4 A.M. to milk the cows, you said you have sheep and such but you know.

MH: Mhmm, ya I didn't handle with the dairy very much, but we had the sheep to 00:09:00take them to the fair every summer, so I wasn't, I wouldn't say was a chore that I had to do but I was incentivized to work with them so I would do well with them at the fair. So I would work with them every summer. And ya we did a lot of work around the farm and the house in general inside and outside, we were on quite a bit of land so there was a lot of, I don't know if I have like specific chores, but it was, my brother and I were constantly you know mowing and helping with the animals, and doing all sorts of different things for sure.

NA: Okay, um was it, so, so you say you have a brother was it maybe were you the only girl and was all boys or how was that divided up?

MH: Nope, I had one, so I was a very blended family, my dad and stepmom have one daughter together she's the youngest, I didn't really grow up with her so ya.

NA: Mhmm

MH: I only have one full brother, who is only a couple years younger than me, and then 3 other half siblings that, 2 brothers and a sister so, I grew up I 00:10:00spent a lot of my time with the second oldest kid, my brother, who's the full brother

NA: Okay

MH: I would say he was closest in age, but we spent a lot of time together.

NA: okay ya, so now we're getting into school and you're going to school say about grade school middle school, and you say you started getting into sports then and ah on your sheet it says you did like dance and on the phone it said you had done softball and things like that

MH: Mhmmm

NA: When you were young was there anything really in particularly liked or you know did you just like them all, love them all?

MH: Umm, I think I was just curious about lots of different things I was always something that was just easily interested into different things. I would of loved to of been in things like gymnastics, but growing up on a farm it was just too far away too expensive for of a sport I think to partake in so I did some of the more accessible sports if you will or cheaper sports so, um but I wouldn't 00:11:00actually say there was one thing I was obsessed with or really into, I kinda just dabbled into everything I think growing up.

NA: Ya, just kinda blended it, blended around, you know

MH: Ya!

NA: Just see what you liked

MH: Yup exactly

NA: So school was a focus for you even, even as a young age you said you really enjoyed school which is awesome, did that continue throughout everything throughout all of school?

MH: Ya, I would say my grandma definitely really emphasized education and I think more importantly it was something I was good at and because I was good at it I wanted to keep doing well at it, so ya I would say up, all the way through high school for sure. It was pretty important to me.

NA: Okay and that means you know homework, you did homework always maybe when you came home or something that was something you always did.

MH: Oh ya I mean I had my occasional every once in a blue moon something I would procrastinate on or turn it late (Laughter) um but I would say for the most part 00:12:00I was pretty good, I was considered one of the better students in my classes.

NA: Oh good ya! That's awesome to here. So you got you, you got school and your, you see your friends more cause you know at school during the day and everything

MH: Mhmmm

NA: Did ah, did it take away from anything, like um, you know maybe you spent more time with your schooling and your sports and maybe you had less time to do something else, did that seem like it ever occurred to you or no?

MH: No not really, no I think umm I was never a perfectionist as a kid you know I did my work and I turned it in, and it wasn't always perfect but I think I most of my, I think I was naturally good at certain things, so if I didn't do well on something it's because I didn't study as hard as maybe some of the super students who did, who were perfectionist, but it was never something I think I, 00:13:00Again I didn't obsess over it I just wanted to do you know pretty well.

NA: Sure

MH: And I would say it took away from anything

NA: Ya okay okay um did you um (mumbling…) Did you like when you were at school did ahh. (mumbling) You, you said you were a good student and you said you know you weren't a perfectionist but umm was there something in particular as a kid that you said this is what you wanted to be when you were growing up, or something that you really liked or really looking forward too as a young kid?

MH: So because I think I was one of those kids, even to this day I'm the same way, someone who is interested in lots of different things and fascinated by lots of different things, my career ambitions changed frequently, but you know 00:14:00they ranged from a pediatrician to a dolphin trainer (laughs) to ah what else, you know editor of a teen magazine, you know when I was in middle school I think that's what I wanted to do so, I was a little all over the board.

NA: Ya nothing, you're kinda that typical child you know you saw a firetruck and you wanted to be a firemen and

MH: Yup exactly

NA: Okay, umm so growing up a little bit we get into the high schoolish age, did you start individualizing on something more particular on education or in your sports or anything like that, was there anything that started to really take a little more focus and time out of your day?

MH: I would say in high school I started focusing on more English and writing in general that's where you know I did well in school across the board but, English was definitely my sweet spot, and then sports wise it was actually more about 00:15:00dance, dance and volleyball were kinda the two main things I went to and student council.

NA: Student council, I, I myself did a lot of writing in high school, and um I always wished I could dance but I never (laughs) something I was never able to learn, I think I didn't have the rhythm for it but ah

MH: It's never too late!

NA: Ya I think that sometimes(laughs) is it ahh you know, you start focusing on writing and journalism, and it says your major was journalism and you obviously must of stuck with that then, umm

MH: Ya! Ya I think more generically than journalism I um communication in general I was always really intrigued by I, I thought that I could recognize even at a young age I was pretty decent at communicating with verbally and orally, I think that's why in high school public relations was where I thought I 00:16:00found myself.

NA: Ya okay, and um so you started to decide on a high school-- Or not a high school a college did you know where you wanted to go or um did you have to look around a lot of places?

MH: I didn't know I didn't I didn't have a certain, I just knew generically I wanted to go to college because no one had gone before me in my family, I didn't what I was doing or what to even look for. I knew I wanted to go somewhere in Wisconsin I wanted to not be too close to home, that was really all I cared about.

NA: Okay, so how did you find Oshkosh how did you find UWO then?

MH: Well, I mean I looked at kind of generically all of the schools in the system and I think UW Oshkosh had a good reputation, and I liked that it was a couple hours away from home

NA: Yup

MH: Other than that I'm sad to say I just didn't know what to look for and I got lucky (laughs)

NA: Ya

MH: But I didn't really know what I was, what I was doing.


NA: I think that, I think that's how I feel too, I think I got lucky, but it was a good choice.

MH: mhmmm

NA: So umm did you, you get to school and now we're in college, umm what was it like the first, just the very beginning of college what was that first day like that moving in, what were you feeling what were you thinking?

MH: I was just excited, I don't remember being particular nervous, um I remember just being excited about it, my best friend was my roommate, or she wasn't really my best friend at the time, she is now um but she was a good friend of mine, and I think there was a little bit of a comfort zone there and I just remember honestly not being all that emotional about it.

NA: Okay, you weren't too worried about you know separating I'm assuming cause you said you kinda wanted to get a little bit away from home?

MH: Ya, I think I was independent since I, I was--


NA: Ya

MH: I took the school bus my first day of kindergarten. I think that sorta sentiment sorta carried over throughout my life I was just never one to get to homesick and my upbringing with my parents, that was kind of one of the benefits of how I grew up was, I didn't really on them too much so I think that helped when it came to moving into college!

NA: Okay, do you remember in particular what dorm you lived in?

MH: Freshmen year I was in Donor

NA: Okay

MH: And sophomore year I was in North Scott

NA: North Scott okay, ah which of the two did you like more?

MH: North Schott

NA: Ya (laughs) I, I had a feeling you might say that. (laughs). Then so so, that the first day you were excited you weren't nervous, that first week classes start, ah how did that go how was your first week of college, and what was different between college and high school?

MH: Well, I mean obviously you are a lot more on your own, there's no one 00:19:00holding our hand in college. So I totally embraced it and I think that I did have an attitude of, for some reason I just didn't think my grades mattered as much in college as they did in high school so the benefit of having that outlook, regardless of the fact that it was not right. Was that I didn't um I didn't feel a lot of pressure, I probably felt more pressure because I think ah I probably should of put a little more effort into my freshmen year, but I kinda just thought I need the degree so I didn't think too hard about, about ah getting straight A's

NA: Ya

MH: So ya that stuff I wasn't I just kind of hoped enjoying the social side, I mean the academics too I went to the vast majority of my classes, it wasn't like I was skipping out, but I didn't put the pressure on me that I think I did in high school

NA: Mhmm could a little a bit of that was everyone has to get those gen eds and 00:20:00things like that out of the way, and you're just like as long as I pass them I'm good sort of thing?

MH: Exactly, ya I think I had that kind of like, it's not my major it's not that important, I did very well once I got to my major, and I did okay in my generals, but, I wasn't straight A's.

NA: Okay um what was your major coming into college then? Did you declare right away or did you wait?

MH: Well, I pretty much knew I was gonna being journalism or PR but they recommended that we wait a full year to declare so I did wait till I was a sophomore, but mentally I knew I was probably going something related to journalism.

NA: Mhmm, so you were prepping yourself already

MH: Ya, yup

NA: Okay, um so your first semester you said you didn't, you you know you didn't be on yourself as much as you should have um, how did it affect the grades maybe more specifically did, you said you passed you still said you did well, was you know, was there something that um was a little low or was (mumbling) you're 00:21:00still Dean's list or honor roll or something like that?

MH: I was in Honors College, in college I don't think I made, I actually made the honor roll though.

NA: Okay

MH: Um but I, I just don't think I was 100% capable of doing very well in all of those classes but there were just some silly like mistakes were I wouldn't turn things in on time and that would hurt me a little bit, or um more importantly I'm not sure I had the appreciation at that age of the education I was getting, where now I definitely appreciate a really interesting class, I don't think back then I was, I was as appreciative of it, that hard, that's something you can't change you know,, 18, 19, 20 years old it's just something, it's a hard age you're you're too young yet so. I I definitely if i were to do college over 00:22:00again, or more importantly if I were to do college at my age now things would be much much different.

NA: Ya there would be things you have to change

MH: Mhm, but ya I definitely would change quite a bit.

NA: Okay, umm so stepping away from the education side a little bit, what was the social life like, freshmen year in particular, anything like you know anything happen, anything important or things that you did with your friends, ah you know weekends anything like that?

MH: Freshmen year was a little tricky because my friend from high school who I lived with, she and I would hang out with other people on our floor throughout the week, but she would go home every weekend to see her boyfriend back home, so I was kind of forced to fend for myself socially on the weekends which was hard, I would say that was one of the unforeseen challenges of when I didn't go out being stuck in a dorm room on a Saturday night, is not the easiest thing to do 00:23:00and it feels like everyone else is out. And I do remember that being tough.

NA: Yup

MH: But over the 4 years I found my people (laughs)

NA: Ya, your little group

MH: Ya, ya you kinda float around a little bit freshmen year unless you're lucky and find the right people, but I, I had pretty good friends, pretty healthy social life I think, we definitely went out quite a bit all

NA: Ya

MH: Not to the point where it was completely you know distracting of my work whatsoever, but ya I would say it was a fairly typical college experience I would think.

NA: Ya, fair to say you did a good job managing your study time and a word to say your fun time I guess.

MH: Ya! I think so, there were, I think that there were, there's room for improvement looking back, but.

NA: (laughs) ya

MH: I mean I think I did okay, I definitely, I graduated in 4 years I didn't have to, I would say did well in the the classes my major was A's and B's but my 00:24:00generals were more in the B C's range so. It was fine, it was fun

NA: Ya, okay um was there any big events that you might remember from freshman year anything that umm took place, you know milestones like that, or nothing comes to mind?

MH: Like just in general?

NA: Ya, ya through campus like you know umm so like umm I believe we are celebrating the, there's a big anniversary of like how long the school has you know been around so this recording actually and this interview has the potential to be used

MH: Mhmm

NA: So anything like that any big campus events happened.

MH: Hmm freshmen year

NA: And if, if there isn't anything thing, it's just, just a question.


MH: Ya, I would say of my four years that was definitely my least memorable or least favorite year (laughs) no I mean

NA: Okay

MH: Move in day was obviously was, was a big, a big day an exciting day, but it was also probably fairly typical umm I'd have to keep thinking nothing immediately

NA: Ya, ya if something hits ya that fine you can share later if you would like. Did you start dance right away then as a freshmen, or did you start it later in school?

MH: Umm I think I was a sophomore, I think

NA: Okay well you can if you wanna talk about that, that's fine we can get into sophomore year here.

MH: Umm I think I was a sophomore, ya! I was just looking for ways to you know 00:26:00both get involved on campus but also make friends with people that I had something in common with, and that's exactly what I did, umm still good friends with a lot of the girls, I met through, It was like ah, I'm not sure if it was considered an official UWO association or club. It was started by other students so. Um ya it was just, it was definitely wasn't a high pressure, we weren't required to put in a certain number of hours or it was okay if we missed practice it very kind of casual but it was fun!

NA: Ya, it was there to you know form a relationship with people to have fun.

MH: Definitely yes.

NA: Okay um so sophomore year ten did school continue the same way freshmen year, or did the schooling part improve for you?

MH: I think it improved, improve every year, and


NA: Okay yes

MH: and I think it got a little bit better each year.

NA: Yes, and that's good to hear.

MH: Ya, and same with my social life I would say each year got a little more fun and enjoyable, and ya freshmen year was fun, or I mean sophomore year rather was fun.

NA: Okay, did you, for the dance team did you travel did you guys, you know was there somewhere far that you went that you remember a big trip that you guys took or no?

MH: Nope everything was right on campus

NA: Okay, even like competitions and such?

MH: We actually didn't even compete, when I say it was casual I mean it was very casual

NA: Ya

MH: We did all the choreography ourselves and ya it was kind of just like, kind of like, it was more like and intramural dance team I would say (laughs) if there were such a thing

NA: Yes I understand

MH: Kind of that no, no pressure which I liked that were some people on official 00:28:00teams and on, on campus and they always seemed more stressed out so.

NA: Ya

MH: So ya, ours was not intimidating at all.

NA: Ya you didn't have to worry too much

MH: No

NA: Did ahh did you do intramurals, I kind of heard you say it's kind of like an intramural, did you do any?

MH: Ya I did, I did intramural volleyball my freshman and sophomore year.

NA: Okay, and how did that go?

MH: It was fun! I loved it I didn't even think know what it was before I came to college. Another fun way to meet a different group of friends, um and ya just kind of have fun during the evenings after class, and a fun way to look forward to Tuesday nights or whenever our volleyball games were.

NA: Mhmm, um so sophomore year you said is when you declared your major correct?

MH: Yes!

NA: Okay, and you just you just always kind of, in the back of your had at 00:29:00least maybe when you were younger, especially in high school you kind of always knew, you said that's kind of what you wanted to do?

MH: I knew I would do something in the realm of communication you know writing would be I, I knew would be, writing would be at the core of my career.

NA: Okay, um what was, what was the ah, what was the ah major like the filed like once you started getting into it more, what was it like at school? Was it pretty intense, was there a lot of papers to do, if it was a journalism major?

MH: I don't remember it being too crazy, I mean it was very challenging but the right amount of challenging I would say. I wasn't like crying myself to sleep (laughs) or anything like that. It was good, I remember feeling like I was learning something every day in class and I liked being around like minded people who were just as curious and fascinated by um journalism and 00:30:00communication and the written forms. So no I, I think it was it was hard but because I was passionate about it I wouldn't say it came easy but it made it more fun for me to work on those projects

NA: Yes, yes that saying where you know if you do what you love, you never feel like you're working.

MH: Exactly, ya the work actually, you would think a lot of papers, and there was a fair amount of writing but I actually remember there being more projects, like team projects, which Iove, I thought

NA: Oh ya

MH: Yes, a lot of those memorable team projects we worked on

NA: Ya divide the workload.

MH: Yup

NA: Um was there any professors you know that, that stood out to you in a good or a bad way?

MH: Ya! There were a lot in the journalism department Sarah Hansen, Sarah Steph Hansen I believe is her name was awesome I remember it was one of her first years teaching and she was really fun and really good. Miles Maguire was awesome 00:31:00I had Barb Benish, just so many smart people who were clearly again very passionate, who weren't just there to be there. You could tell they genuinely cared about

NA: Ya

MH: Teaching their students, teaching the new era of journalists if you will. But I also remember there were some teachers outside of the journalism department that were just as instrumental like Stephen Kercher was a history teacher, I don't know if he is still there but.

NA: Okay

MH: He actually really stands out in my mind because I was focused on journalism and I was so sure that was passion of mind but it was exciting for me to take a class like history I had no interest in prior to going to school at UW Oshkosh, and he was so passionate in, and I never missed a day of his class and I did really well in that class in fact I remember at the time I considered minoring in history just because of his class.

NA: really

MH: He was, he was really awesome and I, you know I never even barely talked to 00:32:00him but I admired his style from afar and it was just great to walk out of the class and feel you have new interest in life.

NA: Mhmm yes, so that's safe to say it kind of leads into my next question, he was a professor that was probably a little or pretty influential in your schooling or in school life right?

MH: I would say he was influenced, I mean he didn't have a huge role in what I ended up pursuing, but looking back have hindsight he was an important teacher to have because he inadvertently taught me the importance to being open minded to subjects that you're not necessarily familiar with. He had more of this strange long term effect I think on my learning and the fact that now I am constantly speaking out subject that I'm not necessarily good at or know a lot about.


NA: Okay

MH: I would say the journalism department played a huge role in laying the groundwork for my, my career specifically.

NA: Mhmm

MH: Does that make sense?

NA: Ya no, I think it does, I think I'm understanding a little bit you now of what you mean by that so.

MH: Mhm okay good

NA: Um, did, did on campus was there somewhere, you know did you have secret spot or somewhere that you really liked to go or where you spent a lot of your time.

MH: Honestly I was kind of someone who liked to mix up the scenery

NA: Okay

MH: So, um I would sometimes be in the library, I would sometimes camp out kind of the corner office of the journalism department, um sometimes just in the lobby areas in the dorms, I liked, that was one thing I liked about UW Oshkosh it was kind of easy to hide out a little bit and do your work. It wasn't too 00:34:00busy where you constantly felt distracted.

NA: Yes.

MH: So ya

NA: Except for finals week I might have to say

MH: Yaaaaa I think

NA: It kind of got busy

MH: I was just in my dorm room most of the time

NA: Okay yes, I do like that you said you tried to mix it up a lot cause you now, then instead of getting in a specific routine, right you get to change it up and it feels more fresh and alive I guess,

MH: Ya!

NA: is that fair to say maybe why you did it?

MH: That's exactly right, even to this day I can't sit still in one sport for too long so.

NA: I agree I like to do that too. Did you go home much while you were at school? You said your roommate went home every weekend, and I had that myself last year, but I loved it when they were gone so I never went home.

MH: (Laughs) I went home maybe a couple times per semester, maybe for birthdays 00:35:00or holidays, but it definitely was not an every weekend sort of thing. I felt like major pressure, there were definitely times I wanted to go home, um but I did feel pressure to prove to myself that I didn't need to be home.

NA: Ya, kinda push through it

MH: Ya, and ya obviously the more, college went on it became less of a challenge to me and I genuinely wanted to be at school with my friends, and it was kind of my new home.

NA: Ya okay, that yup, and that does make sense, so your last year in the dorms, was there anything memorable in a good or a bad way that happened in the dorms. I know fletcher we kind of called it the dirty Fletcher here and stuff (Laughs) the dorms are old and, or you know maybe something good you made a lifelong friend?


MH: Yes, lots of lifelong friends for sure in general I would say, it's funny because my, the people I met at the dorms were like my first wave, this is gonna date me for sure, but like the first wave of my Facebook friends (laughs) and stuff because back then, well at least freshmen year Facebook was just for college students, so that was kind of like a funny time, and that my first wave of social media friends were people I met in Donor and in North Scott.

NA: Okay

MH: So that's a little odd to think about now, obviously now a days you see them moving on with their lives and getting married and you know it's fun to see met in the dorms, and end up marrying, and that's kind of cool to see evolve and happen over time. As far as like negative things, um the only thing I can really think of that was definitely hard for me and eye opening was North Scott, it was 00:37:00a co-ed floor but it was a major issue with like bulimia actually and so that was my first sort of encounter with anyone who suffered from that, since we had shared bathrooms it was something I never experienced. I never experienced it myself but I just knew a girl down the hall who did,

NA: Mhmm

MH: and it was very well know that she suffered from it, so it was just i guess it was just eye opening to be that close to issues like that, that are clearly more widespread than we know.

NA: Mhm, um you said you just said that, so we have co-ed floors here Live on one myself, you said you had shared bathrooms, did you guys like actually like share share the bathrooms? Because now there's a girls bathroom and a guy's bathroom for each floor.

MH: Ya, there, there was then too it was co-ed with girl guy girl guy with the 00:38:00rooms but there was two different bathrooms so just um, a women's bathroom and a men's bathroom.

NA: Okay

MH: Ya, I just meant that it was shared in that the belief that was going on, it was obvious because all the women shared the same bathroom so we knew what was happening, but no definitely not with the boys.

NA: Okay, okay, I just had to make sure I cleared that one up. (Laughs) Um, so those first two years you lived in the dorms, ah, ah, your overall feeling, your overall opinion did you feel comfortable or, or no?

MH: Ya, definitely felt comfortable there were certainly some weird incidence that would happen that would hear about, I'm sure things like that still happen, like people sneaking into the dorms who weren't supposed to be there, but I never really felt unsafe

NA: Mhmm

MH: and actually the dorms were a main probably the number one reason why I choose to go to a four year versus a tech school, I felt like I wanted that quintessential


NA: Yes

MH: college experience and before I went to school at UWO I was worried that I would be let down but I wasn't, I genuinely don't regret spending a little bit more money to stay in school with dorms, you know the first two years, and I know some people complain that UW Oshkosh has the two year minimum, but for some reason it never bothered me, and for some reason it never bothered me, I had a good time and I'm glad I did do the second year, cause my first year was sort of like an adjustment year and the second year was a lot more fun. I remember taking a group picture with everyone on our floor the end, my, the end of my um sophomore year, it really did feel like a big family, it was fun.

NA: That is, that is really good to hear, that's actually pretty cool I kinda like that

MH: Mhm, ya it was a good time

NA: So, so ya we have to live on dorms for two years and then um did you get a 00:40:00house then going into junior year I'm guessing?

MH: Yup, I did, ya I had the same house for junior and senior year with five other girls.

NA: Oh wow, so there were 6 of you total.

MH: (laughs) yup

NA: What was that like?

MH: Probably exactly how you would probably imagine it was. It was fun and wild, but also could be full of drama, um that sort of thing, I loved that, that was my, my last two years were definitely my favorite two years I would say.

NA: Okay, well ya, it just keeps getting better then I guess right?

MH: Ya, definitely, there were good people, fun girls, and I'm still friends with them to this day.

NA: Okay, did ah that junior year, at least for me it will be junior year, um and usually others did you turn 21 then your junior year?

MH: Yes I did

NA: Okay, did you go to the bars then or were you already, you know if you don't 00:41:00mind me asking or did you already go to the bars, because many people have their fake ids and things like that so.

MH: Yes, I did have a fake ID and I did go a few times, but most of my friends didn't have one so, um I'd only go when my older friends came to town(laughs) but ya I did have one.

NA: Okay and I'm guessing then it changed a little bit once you and the girls you lived with all turned 21?

MH: Yup, yup, then we would frequent the main three bars I think at UW Oshkosh and stopped, graduated from the house parties.

NA: Ya pretty much, seems like the route everyone seems to take.

MH: Although I prefer the house parties to be honest

NA: You did

MH: Yup

NA: You know I've never gone to the bars, but I feel like I would say the same thing if I did.

MH: Ya, I don't know just more fun


NA: Ya, no rules

MH: Yup, exactly

NA: um, um where did ah, you said you lived in the same house for both years so did you guys ah where was it if you don't mind?

MH: It was 1131 Wisconsin Street or Wisconsin Ave

NA: Still got it down

MH: Still remember, still remember

NA: That's pretty awesome

MH: Still drive by it on occasion

NA: Do ya

MH: Ya, lots of memories there

NA: Good you know that's good. Junior year is that when you applied to get into your major for ah for school you know applied into the department or school.

MH: I think so, I believe so

NA: Okay

MH: Honestly don't specifically remember applying, but I must of

NA: Right, ya, then probably wasn't too big of a deal, obviously I would assume you got in then on your first application especially if you don't remember


MH: Ya I don't remember being stressed out about it in anyway

NA: That's good

MH: Ya, I must not of had a problem getting in, I don't think it was like the business school where they have to do more like a formal application, we must of had it a little easier.

NA: Nothing wrong with that though. Um so you get in, do you have more classes then as a junior or do you less compared to like your gen eds and stuff?

MH: I feel like it was a pretty similar workload, I do remember one semester where I had like 18 credits or something

NA: Yup, maxed out

MH: I remember that being kind of stressful, I did interim every year so.

NA: Winter or both?

MH: Both actually, I mean not, I don't think I did both interims every time, but I definitely did winter interim probably every year. Spring Interim I bet I did probably two of the years.

NA: Okay, um how did you feel about doing spring interim because I, I have never 00:44:00done it myself.

MH: So my worst grade ever, in my life, came from an interim class I took during spring, and I do regret it because it was trig--

NA: Oh boy

MH: Ya, and I had test, in high school I had tested out of trig, or out of the math classes and tested into trig, but by the time I took this interim class I think I was a junior and um, had not had math in 4 years, so I should not have taken trig (laughter) and more importantly was a 3 week class as you know so it was accelerated, like really fast

NA: Mhm

MH: So I think I got a D in that class, so it was really rough for me. I don't think it helped that it was beautiful out and couldn't focus so. That was probably my main regret so I should of taken and easier math class during the semester.

NA: Okay ya

MH: But live and learn!

NA: Ya, live and learn, right I can totally imagine that. I have a feeling with 00:45:00that kind of weather it might be hard to focus.

MH: Mhm definitely

NA: Umm, So then junior year school nothing seemed to different, but would it be safe to say the classes were more focused in a specific area then?

MH: Ya, absolutely, ya

NA: Okay

MH: Ya they were all, I had to take some fundamental writing classes and I learned a lot about AP style and journalism, and there was a teacher who made sure I styles were right and we would get docked if they weren't written in the right format. Ya, no they were definitely more focused, and way more up my alley.

NA: Yes, a little more specific and attention to detail.

MH: Mhm ya

NA: So um, ah, I don't know, you did well in school, you seem like you were a 00:46:00really good college student, you seem like you did a really good job with school, but also making sure to have a good time, because you don't want to be here and not have a good time.

MH: Ya, I think um as soon as I graduated I felt guilty I didn't do even better in school, you know I wasn't a straight A student, but I um, like I think I was a standout in the classroom

NA: Yes

MH: Like I had a lot of teachers who saw me as a good student, but sometimes in college my grades did not necessarily affect that.

NA: Yes

MH: It was a very task oriented format so, but looking back now I don't have any regrets. I mean I'm glad I didn't, I'm glad I had a social life and, and did that too. I think I had a very, a pretty ideal college experience I would say.

NA: Okay, um

MH: The best of both worlds

NA: What's that?

MH: The best of both worlds, social life and academics as well.


NA: Did ah, did you work while you were in school, did you have a job on campus or off?

MH: Ya, I did quite a bit I, freshmen year and sophomore year I worked at a Phonathon.

NA: Phonathon?

MH: Yes, the UW Oshkosh Phonathon, I also bartender on Main St. and I would do like promos, like beer promos, I did a lot of stuff so ya, oh and I gave plasma I think that was a pretty popular

NA: Yes, it still is.

MH: Is it?

NA: Yes, not for me though I have a little bit of a phobia for that.

MH: Ya, my first experience was horrible and I said I would never do it, but then I needed money so then I came back.

NA: Um, ya, I, I know some friends like that too (laughter). So you said you bartended, do you remember which bar?

MH: Well back then it was called Screw Balls, but I think now it's, well then it 00:48:00was Chief Oshkosh Saloon, I don't know what it is now but it was on like the south end of Main Street I think

NA: Mhmm ya

MH: So ya they changed names a bunch of times, it was not a college bar.

NA: Oh okay, yeah that was kind of one thing I was wondering so.

MH: Except for Pub Crawl then it would have lots of students so

NA: Ya, Pub Crawl comes and then every bars a college bar.

MH: Exactly

NA: So I'm guessing then, ah speaking of Pub Crawl, because it happened actually a few weeks ago, did you partake in it?

MH: I think most years I did ya, I think I would bartend during then, and then I would join up with my friends after my shift was done, ya I did partake, they were fun.

NA: Must've been a nice work week then, a nice paycheck at the end of the week when Pub Crawl came around.

MH: Ya it was one of those things where you didn't wanna give up your shift 00:49:00because it was good money, but you also wanted to have some fun.

NA: Ya, mhmm, um the, the dance is still continuing junior year, did you continue to do it?

MH: Umm I think so, I think ya, I think it was junior year.

NA: Okay

MH: And I think senior year, I'm pretty sure.

NA: Ya, but ya you know if you're not sure oh well right.

MH: I think, I think it was sophomore, might of just been sophomore and junior year come to think of it.

NA: But you had a good time doing it right?

MH: Oh ya, I was very good friends with one of the girls actually I go out, she lives in California but I'll still go and see her, and I keep in touch with a lot of them on there, yeah it was a great time.

NA: Okay

MH: Lot of fun

NA: Did umm, did you go to sporting events, football games or baseball games or 00:50:00umm you know even other things, like I know sororities and fraternities put on like ah dances and things like that, were you involved in anything like that or went to as a guest?

MH: I didn't do any sororities stuff, I went to quite of basketball games because I danced at them, on the dance team.

NA: Sure yep

MH: And I would go to a couple football games, but our team wasn't actually very good back then, so I didn't go to as many as I probably would have, had the team been a little more popular.(laughs)

NA: Ya, ya I can kinda understand that one. Did ah, was senior year relatively the same as junior year, or was anything different?

MH: I would say they were, well they did feel a little different. I mean junior year I studied abroad.

NA: Oh really! Okay you should definitely tell me about that, that's awesome!


MH: Yes, it was a really really big semester for me, it was the small semester of my junior year and I went to Fiji Australia and New Zealand with a group of about 13, um ya it was amazing it was really fun. So I actually missed out on the first semester of living in our big house. So I actually came back to a few different roommates because it didn't go well (laughs) apparently when I was gone, so it was kind of funny to stay in the social life a little bit, and I was able to do that via Facebook, because it was obviously getting bigger and bigger through my college years. And ya no I loved, my study abroad was so much fun, I learned so much and it really instilled obviously a huge love of travel and getting out of your comfort zone, and that's another group of people I still stay in touch with to this day, it was actually good kind of a good way to lean 00:52:00into the drinking culture in Oshkosh because you can drink when you're 18 in Osh- or Australia

NA: Oh okay

MH: So I was you know having fun that way, and then I came back and turned 21 a month later and didn't go to crazy because I was kind of used to it, down in Australia, and that was sort of an interesting aspect. Um but ya it was fun, and senior year I think it was just all felt, started to feel very real and a little more, I think a little bit more sentimental because I knew it was all coming to an end. But it was fun, it was, I had a good, senior year was probably the best year.

NA: Mhmm, um, well I'm actually very jealous that you went to Australia, I ah, I looked up tickets to go there this summer myself, but not to study abroad so, that actually really cool to hear.

MH: Ya it was pretty amazing, good times, really good.


NA: So senior year you're gonna get your degree right? You said you graduated in four years so your gonna finish in the spring semester?

MH: Yup, I did of 2010.

NA: 2010 okay, did you choose to walk or did you choose not too?

MH: I did choose to walk yep.

NA: How was it?

MH: It was good, um it was ya, it was a little, a little emotional I guess because it did feel very you know, it was a dream of mine my whole life to go to college, so it felt a little bit sentimental in that regard, but It was, I'm glad that I walked, my grandparents came, my Dad came, so that was nice. My sibling, I think was it my, ya my sister I believe came too which was important to me because I was the first one in my family to go to college so I wanted her to see that she could do the same thing in a few years, so that was important to 00:54:00me, but ya it was, it was fun, I'm glad I did it, I'm glad I walked.

NA: It was a little surreal everything is hitting you that ah, it's time to grow up right?

MH: Exactly, it's kind of what do I do now, but you're excited too, you got through 4 more years of studying.

NA: Mhm, and then your final, your final um degree that you graduated with um, did you wanna say you major and minor did you have any emphasis or anything like that.

MH: So I was a bachelor of art, my major was journalism and my emphasis was advertising and public relations, and my minor was Spanish.

NA: Spanish! Okay so your, I'm guessing your, are you still fluent?

MH: Well not totally fluent (laughs) not as fluent as I was then, I think it would come back to me pretty easily.

NA: Yes, okay, um so you know emphasis in marketing and stuff, did, did ah, you know when your done with school it says you know I looked you up a little bit 00:55:00and you work at discover now, but I'm willing to guess you didn't just get there right?

MH: Exactly, ya, I ah, I actually took a temps job, so there were no jobs in 2010.

NA: Okay

MH: And at least (fuzzy noise for a couple words)

NA: Ya, ya right ya

MH: Weren't many jobs, especially in advertising and PR there aren't a lot, people were cutting that field at the time at least, at corporations and stuff. So I went down to Chicago and worked out of a temp firm um a temporary position at a PR firm. And that was for 6 months, and I moved back to Madison, and I couldn't find a job so I ended up freelancing, and kind of opened my own LLC and did some social media marketing and freelance work for, reala-, it was kind of all over the place, it was relators and people who had really small business, like family business, and I would charge them like practically nothing for me to 00:56:00do their social media. And so I continued to do that for technically a year and a half, but I did end up getting a full time job just 6 months in, but I would freelance on the side still. And I got a job at Keating's which is a marketing firm in downtown Madison. I worked there for two years and then I, I got the job at discover Wisconsin, after that I've been there now for 4 years.

NA: Okay then, ah outside of work, graduation school, I also saw, did, did you do things with like, like modeling or pageants and things like that?

MH: Yes! Model or pageants yes, I competed for Ms. Oshkosh when I was a senior

NA: Okay

MH: In college, and actually learned about it kind of through some of the girls on the dance team that I was on, and that was actually a really, a life changing 00:57:00experience I would say. I ended up, I didn't win I was first runner up to one of my good friends who I met on the dance team. And then I continued competing for three more years and, I did I did end up going to Miss. Wisconsin, I ended up holding the local title out of Fond Du Lac so.

NA: Okay

MH: Ya, that was one big reason why kindl of the Oshkosh my kind of college experience there also played a big part in my life, the pageant stuff so.

NA: Yes

MH: And I did compete out of, it was senior year until I was 24 years old, so a couple years into my actual professional life.

NA: Ya, but it's something you enjoy so it's something you continue with so.

MH: Well, ya it was a lot of hard work for sure

NA: I believe it

MH: A lot of public speaking, you just you know, I learned how to interview it was really really, really really good difficult to perform for sure.

NA: Mhm, um so, so you said before I had jumped to the pageant, you said you 00:58:00ended up getting your job at Discover. Could you explain as to what it is, I only know the, the vague background of it, of like what it is.

MH: So, the company I work for is called Discover Mediaworks, a video production firm in Madison. And we produce 3 T.V. shows and the main, the flagship program is called Discover Wisconsin which is the one I work on, and it's been on for 30 years, it's a tourism T.V. show that airs across the Midwest.

NA: Oh wow

MH: And ya, in 8 states across the Midwest and I am one of the hosts of the show, and I am also the brand manager so I oversee all of the marketing and I handle a lot of the social media and PR for example, and I also work on the new business, so basically how the show makes money with that team as well. So my job is kind of all over the place here, I do produce the show with about 5 other 00:59:00producers. I'm involved in production and new business and also marketing, and I'm on camera.

NA: Oh, that, it sounds really exciting, the camera part sounds pretty exciting to me, um you sound very important though, (flattered laugh) a very key piece.

MH: Ya! I, it's, I've gotten to grow in huge ways since I've been here, and they've given me a lot of responsibility and I've enjoyed that, it's one of those jobs where you put in a crazy amount of hours, but you love it, you're never staring at the clock and I'm never grumpy because of it so, ya I do love it.

NA: Good, um when you graduated UWO did um, you know at that time did you have a boyfriend or did you, big milestone in your life did you get married or are you married now?

MH: Nope not married and I dated a little bit in college, but I honestly didn't 01:00:00date that much at all, I don't think I had a boyfriend when I actually graduated so

NA: Okay

MH: Ya, that was never a major focus I promise, even in my early 20's (Laughs)

NA: Ya it was definitely school more so

MH: Ya, ya school I mean my social life was important but i just didn't I guess majorly focus on the boys at school but ya.

NA: Ya, yes, yup, I can understand what you mean. Um so you graduated and then and also I see here you are still involved with UWO a little bit it looks like?

MH: Yes, I am on the alumni board, at least until the end of June I am it's a 3 year term, so I'm kind of nearing the end of my journey, but yes I am still involved with UWO.

NA: Okay, um did, is that something you get elected to or, how does that work how do you get on the board.?

MH: Yep you do, you do get elected

NA: Okay, umm is that something you're looking at doing again, or work is really 01:01:00starting to pick up so?

MH: Well I am taking a break, I'm gonna, so it's a 3 year term like I said I'm not renewing, only because it's hard to be in Oshkosh that often, but I am going to stay involved with the Madison chapter here in Madison, so.

NA: Okay

MH: I definitely plan on being involved but in a different way.

NA: Okay, ya, but no it's still good to hear that you still want to be involved, that's awesome to hear.

MH: Definitely, yes

NA: Um, is there anything about Oshkosh now um, that, that ah, how you think about it now is there anything that is different or um anything you hear about us forms a new opinion on you?

MH: Of the school or?

NA: Yes! Ahh yes of the school, of, of Oshkosh University.

MH: Well, um, I think I am, much more appreciative now of you know the best 01:02:00sides of UW Oshkosh, I liked its size, I liked that I got to be taught by actual professors and no TA's, so there's were all things that I knew as a student but I didn't fully appreciate it until I got out of college and like realized that I got, had a great education, um I have nothing but great things to say, I think it was, it offered me a great experience and, it, I think the big thing is I felt like I went into school as like a pretty average person, and I felt like I came out of college with this new found kind of confidence, and, it, school helped me find the things that I'm really good at and capitalize on them, so i didn't really feel I was just this average high school student anymore, I felt like I was ready to you know make ah difference, not to sound cheesy but that was, I really did feel like I had the tools to do that so, um ya, I'm grateful 01:03:00and I think it's a phenomenal school and, in so many ways.

NA: Yes, yes, um is there any advice that you give to me or ah to any student that's going to UWO or might choose to?

MH: Any advice.

NA: Ya, anything that might come to your mind.

MH:I would say be very open minded, I think that those are kind of weird years because your still highly conscious of the things you decide to do and how they make you look to others.

NA: Mhm, yes, ya

MH: Um, so, I, and my stuff kind of goes back to high school I wish I would've been more open to doing things like theater and drama, but i stuck, I stayed out of it because I you know didn't wanna be in that sort of..

NA: Social

MH: Light if you will

NA: Ya

MH: Ya, exactly, ahh and college is when you kind of start to see the big picture and that's probably what I would tell someone, be very open minded to 01:04:00different people and surround yourself with, with folks that are very different from you, because college is full of diversity of, usually a ton of everything on campus, um and so that's exciting you know, I think embrace it, take advantage of that and learn from that, just your teachers, but also like your fellow students, because they are gonna stick in your mind I think just as much as your actual professors will, especially if you are like me and you come from a really small, secluded like area.

NA: Yes

MH: It's next to fields, like for me it wasn't intimidating, it was like a breath of fresh air to be somewhere that, where there was more than just farm kids and small town people

NA: Mhm, I totally ah, totally can relate to that one a little bit

MH: Ya, good

NA: Um, so, you know we're starting to wrap up here, is there any closing statements or stories that you didn't get to tell that you wanted to anything at 01:05:00all that you might want to talk about?

MH: Um, specific stories you know I don't know, if I were to sort of put a montage in my head of what my 4 years were like, it would involve going to lots of classes, that were, you know small classes that were also team project, um where we had real clients and, but also heading to 1 of 3 main bars in campus with my 5 close roommates. (Laughs)

NA: Mhm

MH: Um, stopping in at Reeve Union when there all the cool free events that they use to offer, and um, bumming around campus during the spring when it was really nice out, um, not complaining that are campus wasn't very widespread, it was nice that you could, it was actually walkable. Um I don't know if I have like specific,

NA: Ya

MH: Specific memories, but just a lot of really tiny, like thousands of tiny 01:06:00moments put together in like 4 years (she laughs a little)

NA: Yes

MH: Was kind of how, how it was.

NA: I understand that um, in school I actually have one question that I didn't ask, it's just a curiosity question, um did you skip classes much or did you go to classes a lot?

MH: I actually didn't skip that often, there were a handful of classes that I, like I remember there being an anthropology class that I did skip fairly regularly (laughs) which was a bummer because I loved the subject but the teacher was a little hard, like to listen too.

NA: Ya

MH: Um, there were some pit classes I might skip every now and then but I would say out of my major classes junior and senior year, I had very good attendance, I actually liked going to them. Plus I think I was, I remember thinking my roommate got to, she skipped a lot, but I didn't skip as much as her, so I felt like I was doing good.

NA: Mhm, um, you know that's really good to hear. Alright well, um, you know we 01:07:00made it through, we made it through the beginning, you know how school was and where you are now currently working at discover…

MH: Mhm

NA: Which you know if I might add sounds pretty awesome and pretty cool.

MH: Ya, it is, it's a fun gig for sure

NA: Um, well then for the record and things like that would, would you like a copy of this interview? Did you want me to send one once I get it you know, up and in digital format, did you want me to email it to you or anything like that?

MH: No, that's okay

NA: No okay, um well then I got your deed of gift right before this and I got the picture as well which is awesome, thank you for sending that to me,

MH: Yes

NA: And I just wanted to say thank you so much for allowing me to interview you, and being you know being a really good interviewee, I got a lot of you know just 01:08:00good information and you know I, I, truly did enjoy doing the interview

MH: Good me too, thank you for the opportunity it was fun to reminisce

NA: Ya, alright well um hopefully, like you said you will still stay involved and hopefully you continue to stay involved ah with Oshkosh because we love to have alumni do that sort of thing so.

MH: Absolutely yes I will.

NA: Alright well good luck to you as life progress and

MH: (voice cuts out)

NA: What's that? You cut out

MH: I said likewise, you do the, or good luck to you as well

NA: Thank you, and have a great day, thank you very much

MH: You too thanks so much

Na: bye

MH: bye, bye.